Somethin’ Spicy Hip Hop Hooray (Cliff)

(Somethin’ Spicy Action Jackson x Touchstone Xtra Xtra Spicy).

Date of birth: 23 January 2013

Health checks:

Hips A

Elbows free

MDR 1: free through parentage

HSF4: free through parentage

Colour: red tri

Pedigree: stamboom Cliff

This handsome boy lives with his uncle Luke and my friend Gesien Broekhuijsen. He’s doing great in the dog frisbee sport. We hope he’ll be a nice addition to our breeding!


foto van Rick Letteboer.


foto van Peter Voort.foto van Peter Voort.

foto van Dick und Doof Photografic's.

foto van Citymonkey-Portrait.foto van Claus Erkenrath.foto van Citymonkey-Portrait.


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