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Somethin’ Spicy Rhythm ‘N Blues

Date of Birth: 2 November 2001 – 20 July 2017

Sex: male

Colour: blue merle

Tail: natural bob (1/4)

Blues is registered with FCI and ASCA

Sire: Scout’s Honor of Imagineer

Dam: Wyndanwood Magic Tigger

Health checks:

Eyes clear

HSF 4 clear

MDR1 free

Hips: one A-hip and one C-hip due to a frisbee trauma

Blues at age 15.5!!!

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Blues is one of Tigger’s sons, our cool looking boy with the eagle eyed stare! We weren’t planning to keep him, as we were already keeping Spice out of this litter and we co-own Magic. But……. I didn’t want to sell him to the first family and also not to the second family that wanted him. And I fell in love with him. He has a very special look….. He has a cool stare with a very sweet personality. He is a very good and hard worker, but also a big couch potato. He is outgoing towards strangers, likes to work the sheep and ducks a little bit too much (he always finds a hole in our fence) and Spice and Blues are two brothers in crime…. Blues has been competing quite a bit in frisbee and recently competed with Amy in Switzerland, winning big time. He does an excellent job at the dog training school, passed a bunch of national obedience exams and he is a great therapy dog. Blues is a cool dude…


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