Gone but never forgotten

Touchstone Moonfire at Gearhart a.k.a. Jake

28 April 2010 – 19 October 2022

Sex: Male

Coulour: red tri

Jake is registered with  ASCA and FCI

Sire: Mistretta’s Before the Thunder

Dam: Touchstone Antique Artistry

Jake is co-owned with Lisa Cameron from Touchstone Aussies

Health checks:

Eyes clear

HSF4 clear

MDR1 free

DM free

OFA fair (HD B equivalent)

Pedigree: Scanstamboom Jake

When I was visiting Touchstone Aussies to get Kate, I met this beautiful fellow and fell in love right away. So I took him home, together with his half sister Kate. Jake has a wonderful temperament. He is agile, willing to please, calm in the house but energetic outside. He loves to play with other dogs and with us. We are extremely happy with this extra present besides Kate. We co-own Jake with his breeder Touchstone. He will only be standing at stud to approved bitches with A hips/excellent hips.


Jake was my co worker at the dog training school. He was wonderful in calming pups and young adults, so he was working in most groups telling other dogs how to behave. He does that in a wonderful way. He never starts a conflict, but is great in splitting dogs and telling them to calm down.






















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