IMG_9655 spicehead304

Somethin’ Spicy Twice the Spice

Date of Birth: 2 November 2001

Over the Rainbowbridge: 30 Apryl 2016


Sex: female

Colour: red merle

Tail: long

Spice is registered with FCI and ASCA

Sire: Scout’s Honor of Imagineer

Dam: Wyndanwood Magic Tigger

Health checks:

Eyes clear

HSF 4 clear

MDR1 free

Hips: A


Spice is one of Tiggers daughters. She’s like her mom…….. only the big difference is that she likes strangers and is very outgoing. Spice is also very social towards other dogs. Spice loves to play frisbee, dogdance, agility, obedience and herding. She is truly a lady that moves very well and quick! She loves to swim and to run and chase her buddies in the forest. And she always bites Blues in his little tail!

Spice is a showy girl, she has 2,25 points towards her Dutch championship. She is a very nice worker, but also a good companion and she loves to join us on our holidays. She also tries to swim faster than the labradors…… And like her mom she helps me out at the dog training school pretty often. She’s always ready to work! Spice participates at frisbee championships and dog dance competitions. In March 2004 she entered the beginners class at her first doggydance competition and won the 2nd price. At age 11,5 she almost qualified for the World Championships Dog Frisbee; she got a 5th place with Amy in Italy. This old lady still rocks the house!

Spice got a 3rd and a 4th place in Konigswinter and Meckenheim at the ASCA show and a 2nd place at the Worldwinner. On the Australian shepherd Championship Conformation Show 2002 Spice became first in the group.

She was winner bitch in both Wijchen and Zuidlaren. She and Jones also score pretty well in the brace class. And she won the veteran class several times. 

Spice does an awesome job reading with children with reading and concentration problems. And also working with youth delinquents in jail.

Spice gave us three gorgeous litters, two with Burning Bonfire and one litter with Mistretta’s Bear Named Ballou. From that litter we kept Amazing Grace (living with us) and Action Jackson (living with my Aunt). As you can tell we’re quite happy with this lovely old lady!

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