tigger2016Wyndanwood Magic Tigger, 23 April 1999 – 22 February 2010.

Wyndanwood Magic Tigger
Date of birth: 23 April 1999
Sex: Female
Colour: Black tri (red factored)
Tail: Natural bob, docked
Tigger is registered with ASCA and FCI
Sire: Champ. War Drum of Imagineer
Dam: Champ. Briergrove Charcoal Briquette

Health checks:
– Baer test: passed
– Hips: OFA good
– Eyes still clear at age almost 9


Tigger is a multi world cup finalist dog frisbee. Please find pics of our adventure in the States on the bottom of this page. We have so many awesome memories together…Tigger was so special. My first aussie, my introduction to frisbee with the most wonderful friend man can have…

Tigger and I competed at the World Cup Finals in Allen, Texas in 2007. We made it to the finals of the finals and won the 9th place!!!! I am so extremely proud of my little magic Tigger… And Tigger, Jones and I competed at the World Cup Series Finals dog frisbee in Scottsdale Arizona in 2006. Tigger qualified for the finals on the 5th of November!

Tigger was our first Aussie and comes from the Wyndanwood kennel. She was truly an Aussie! She loved to work and did anything I asked her. She was very much my (Karens) dog. She helped me with the dog training lessons and was always close to me. She was a good help with the puppy classes. She had this true Aussie look,  very intelligent, but she was also our most reserved dog. She liked you or not. There’s nothing in between.

Besides frisbee she also loved to dance. She was my introduction to the dogdance sport. In May 2001 Tigger and I started dogdancing. She loved it (and I do too)! Tigger and I gave many demonstrations dogdance and frisbee all over the place. The greatest show we gave was during a sold out Heracles stadium in Almelo during the break of a big match.  Tigger was a fantastic family dog and a great worker. I just loved her to death and I still miss her every day.

Tigger had her first and only litter in November 2001 (Wyndanwood Magic Tigger x Scout’s Honor of Imagineer). She had 11 puppies!!!! 5 males and 6 females. All the males had natural bobs and all the females long tails. We kept one male (Blues) and a female (Spice), and one male in co-ownership (Magic).

Visiting the Grand Canyon in 2006

usa 103 (2) usa 100 (2)

usa 093 (2) usa 092 (2)

usa 113 (2)Beautiful….

usa 035 (2) usa 033 (2) usa 032 (2)

This is exactly the place where I saw dog frisbee and aussies for the very first time in my life in 1993, at the Mall in Washington DC. So cool to be here with Tigger & Jones!

usa 013 (2)usa 014 (2)

At Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC with a view to Washington Monument and the Capitol

usa 017 (2)usa 026

Right pic in front of the White House!

usa 029 (2)IMG_0912World Cup Finals, Scottsdale, Arizona 2006

tiggerUSA 2007 133 tiggerUSA 2007 117 tiggerUSA 2007 099

Dallas 2007

tiggerUSA 2007 097 tiggerUSA 2007 154

The winners and Tigger in front of The Alamo in San Antonio


Tiggers puppies

IMG_1062 4aussiesinoostenrijk

In Austria on holiday


tiggerUSA 2007 092 tiggermooi

At the competition field in Dallas and just another cute pic of Magic Tigger

tiggerDSC_4245 tiggerDSC_4253

Having fun together giving a show for disabled people

tiggerDSC_4314 tiggerDSC_4315

Tigger_with_puppies tiggerUFOmajor 2007 064

tiggerkruipentiggerDSC_4244 Tigger_stand

Tigger_frisbee5 Tigger_doggydance tigger DSC_4256

The first pic was made by The Telegraaf, a big Dutch newspaper. Tigger was on the front page. The second pic was made during a dogdance competition, where she won the first price.